【Keyence】You know Japanese Stocks?!


For you interested in investing in Japanese stocks, I introduce one of leading companies in Japan!

The financial performance and financial condition of the company are presented in charts and graphs.

I hope you’ll use it to your investment advantage!

Today, I will introduce Keyence (stock code: 6861)!


■Company Profile

Japan’s leading manufacturer of FA sensors and other detection, measurement and control equipment..
・Market capitalization is No. 2 in Japan, second only to Toyota Motor Corporation! (As of April 5, 2023)
・Almost 60% of its sales are overseas. (Fiscal year ending March, 2022)

■Financial Performance and Financial Condition

The following amounts are in “millions of yen”.

Net Sales

Rate of Increase (Net Sales)

Operating Income, Net Income and EPS

Operating Profit Ratio and Net Profit Ratio

Total assets, Shareholders’ equity and Ratio of shareholders’ equity

Cash and Debt

Cash and Inventories

Consolidated Balance Sheet

Dividends and Repurchase of treasury stock

■Stock Price Information(Closing price on Apr 5, 2023)

Stock Price : 62,020 JPY
PER (Forecast) : 42.02 x
PBR (Forecast) : 6.41 x
Dividend yield (Forecast) : 0.48

Thank you for reading!
I wish you success with your investment!